9 – Selling used knickers online and the future of coworking w/Leanne Beesley

You totally bought into the clickbait!! We don’t actually dwell on the subject on used knickers (although it does come up) – In this episode we talk about managing remote teams, and what the future of co-working might look like.

About our guest: Leanne Beesley is the CEO of coworker.com who hosts over 9000+ coworking spaces on their online platform. As a former nomade she’s done some weird sh*t like getting 3000 kitchen spatulas manufactured at a factory in China, exporting them to the USA and branding them as “the sexiest spatula on earth”.

8 – The startup with a social conscience – How to remotely tap into Tunisia’s tech talent with ease feat. Joscha Raue

Whatever the future of work may hold, we know remote working will have an significant impact on it’s design. That’s why we are really excited to be talking to Joscha Raue, one of the founders of Think-it which Forbes describes as “The startup with a social conscience”. Listen in to learn how their platform is enabling thousands of North African’s to claim their space in the global war for tech talent.

About our guest: Joscha Raue is a entrepreneur and lifelong learner. As co-Founder of Think.iT his mission is connecting brilliance with opportunity. His venture invests in North Africa’s future technology leaders, thereby helping companies tap into new talent pools and build top-performing engineering teams.

7 – “Love, Knowledge and Action” – About wicked problems, social entrepreneurship and doing good with technology w/ Cameron Burgess

What could be not only more urgent, but more rewarding, than solving the greatest challenges of the 21st century? Join us when one of the world’s leading strategists within Social Entrepreneurship explains how the next generation of Impact startups can propel the world in the right direction.

About our guest: Cameron Burgess is a global leader in creating, catalysing and commercialising world-positive ventures and has worked in the space of social entrepreneurship for the last 30 years. He’s also the co-author of “From Billions to Trillions”, a roadmap to tackling the world’s biggest “wicked” problems before 2030.

6 – “I don’t work, I make” – How the future of work is all about humanity w/Cecilia Tham and Mads Thimmer

We asked two leading futurists about how our work-life will change over the next couple of decades. What they revealed suggests a dramatic shift in the classic 9-5 workday.

About our guests: Cecilia Tham is a TedX Speaker, serial entrepreneur and the woman behind Makers of Barcelona. She recently quit all her jobs, and borrowed 25.000 dollars to invest in her own book. Mads Thimmer is a widely used international expert on the new digital paradigm, working strategically with both private and public enterprises to facilitate digital transformation. He is currently busy expanding a micro-based family of Innovation Labs across the world. 

5 – Build your Colony with Blockchain w/Aron Fischer

Today, creating and sharing things on the internet is super easy – photos, events, websites, design. How about setting up a company and making sure everyone gets rewarded or paid? SUPER pain in the ass. This is what Colony.io is all about – they want to empower people of the internet to build their colony – open organizations – that can live and breathe without the terror of bureaucracy, distrust or powerplay among its members. Organization 2.0 starts today!

4 – How to Woo your way to remoteness w/ Magnus Jepson

We’re talking to Magnus Jepson, founder of WooThemes and WooCommerce – a platform that powers 40% of all the worlds e-commerce sites. In this episode you’ll hear more about his remote journey, 1) starting a remote company with total strangers, 2) creating the worlds most sought after e-commerce plugin, and 3) how it’s like being acquired by one of the largest tech companies in the world.

3 – “The future of work is not work” w/Radhika Dirks

This episode we are joined by the brilliant Radhika Dirks. She has a Phd in Physics and Quantum Computing and was recently the headline speaker at Norway’s biggest entrepreneur summit: DNB NXT. Among other topics we dwell in this episode asking the question: how will A.I affect how we work, and how will it benefit the remote workers?